All-In-One Email Design Platform- Stripo|Review 2022|

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Stripo is an all-in-one email design platform with a global user base of over 600,000 people.

For starters, Stripo is an excellent destination to fetch ideas for your next email campaign because they carry hundreds of email templates created by experts and guest designers. 

From design concepts to gamification and quiz features in emails, Stripo demonstrates how to diversify your promotional newsletters.

Stripo makes it easy for marketers and designers to create emails of any complexity, including interactive, real-time, and AMP content, by providing all the tools they need.

Stripo is a multilingual utility that supports English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

In addition to learning about its features, pricing, benefits, and disadvantages, let us understand in this SaasTrac review how Stripo design responsive email templates

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Stripo Review 2022

What is Stripo?


Stripo is a simple and easy-to-use email template editor that lets users with no HTML experience create professional-looking and responsive email templates for their business. 

Stripo’s email templates work on every platform, including desktop and mobile.

1050+ free responsive HTML email templates come along in their collection.

MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Sendgrid, Hubspot, Salesforce marketing cloud, GetResponse, UniSender, eSputnik, Outlook, and Gmail are just a few of the 70 ESPs, and email clients that Stripo integrates with.

Furthermore, you can test, share, remark, and get approval from colleagues and clients before sending emails to email automation systems.

Users can take advantage of the tool’s features and begin creating email templates for free charge and with no time constraints. 

Users who need more email templates, project exports, the number of email tests sent daily, or a timer block can upgrade to a subscription plan.

What Stripo Does
  1. Inspire

Stripo motivates you to create beautiful designs by allowing you to use pre-built modules or develop and save your own in a matter of minutes.

With the Stripo Content Module library, you may construct an HTML email. Its no-code email builder comes with 1050+ fully responsive email styles for any industry or use case.


In addition, their site, which has over 200 pages, provides expert-written information regarding email marketing and design.

2. Email Production

  • An email designer to drag and drop items.
  • Launch the HTML & CSS code editor, which includes a code validator and allows you to create custom elements or code templates from scratch.
  • Customer service team is available by Stripo chat, phone, or email. Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. UTC+2. 
  • Tools for building dynamic (AMP) and interactive emails with minimal to no coding knowledge.

3. Automate the Email Production

  • Modules that are synchronized can be used in a variety of tasks.
  • Update your ESP’s trigger emails directly.
  • Create real-time content and update it even after the email has been sent.
  • Simply paste a link to your product to generate several product cards.

4. Email Testing

By viewing your emails through the eyes of your receiver, you can see how they render across 90+ devices and email clients.

You can also forward the email test results to others for approval.

5. Integrations and Export

  • Stripo’s online email template designer integrates with more than 70 ESPs and CRMs, including Mailchimp, eSputnik, and HubSpot.
  • Emails can be downloaded as PDF/PNG files or exported to Gmail or Outlook.
  • Integration with third-party tools such as Canva, Calendly, and Figma is also on the way.

6. Teamwork

  • Invite your coworkers to work jointly in the Stripo email editor.
  • Control the access levels of team members by assigning them roles.
  • You can easily submit your email, its open code, and email test results to be approved using its simple approach.

Over 1050 ready-to-use templates to inspire your creative bones!

Choose gorgeous themes, edit the content, and prevail!!

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Drag-n-Drop Email Editor for SaaS Apps|Stripo Review|


You may further improve your app by adding a drag-and-drop email editor that allows you to quickly design responsive email templates, saving you money and time in the process!

  • Drag-n-Drop

Emails are created in a user-friendly interface without any HTML knowledge required, and you can export them in only two clicks.

  • Time-saving

Photo and banner editors, smart elements, and other embedded automation features help you compose emails quickly.

  • Flexibility

You can add your controls, such as merge tags, email autosave settings, and custom storage connections, among other things.

  • Free

Start using a free Stripo plugin.

How Drag-n-Drop Editor Works


Refer to the above image for more understanding on its working.

Javascript is embedded in your application and acts as a component of your platform. It takes HTML + CSS and modifies it before returning HTML + CSS.

They set up all of the server components on their end. You can also keep some components such as photos, modules, etc.

Refer to the image below for its pricing policy-


Stripo Features


Check Features-

  • Modules Library


With Stripo modules, you can increase the speed of email creation by 16 times! Creating HTML emails is simple using the content modules(Content Module is a constructed and saved email template element.) from Stripo’s collection.

You have to create email elements once with their email template maker and can reuse them across several campaigns. 

  • Export Options

You can send emails to an ESP of your choice with a single click and download emails as PDF, HTML, or image files.

You can also send emails to your contacts by exporting emails to Outlook or Gmail.

  • Brand Guidelines

To maintain brand consistency across all emails and speedy onboarding of new designers, you can save email design styles and brand materials in one location.

  • Email Annotations Builder

You can give recipients the sale start/end dates, product image, and discount code right in their inbox using its Gmail annotations generator before they open emails!

  • HTML & CSS Code Editor

Stripo delivers an HTML & CSS code editor in addition to the Drag-and-Drop email builder.

You can use it to compose emails from scratch or alter and customize emails you’ve already produced with its Drag-and-Drop builder.

Furthermore, you can use D-n-D and HTML & CSS code editors at the same time and see the developments of your work right away.

  • AMP for Email

You can create real-time content and dynamic content to make emails relevant to clients’ demands and attain a new level of email gamification to improve user engagement using Stripo’s email body generator, which requires little to no coding.

  • Stripo Translation

In the editor, you can convert emails between languages.

To enhance the user experience, make it easier for proofreaders to examine translations in context instantly in email templates.

  • Data Service/ Source

Connect AMP emails to their data Service and data Source to collect input from email surveys and to send emails with real-time/dynamic content.

  • Email Templates

Its newsletter builder has over 1050 responsive HTML email themes designed by professionals. 

Any of them can be customized and utilized for your future marketing campaigns.

  • Customer Support

If you have any problems, their customer service representatives are there to help you via chat, email, or phone calls. 

You’ll be able to communicate with them from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.UTC+2.

  • Custom Fonts

Use custom fonts to be consistent across emails. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to upload them.

  • User Roles & Permissions

Here, you can allow your coworkers to collaborate on your emails by assigning various roles to them, each with a distinct level of access.

Stripo, the all-in-one email design platform is used by over 500,000 businesses.

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Stripo Affiliate Program


Promote Stripo’s email-building platform and earn a lifetime commission for each paid Stripo account you refer.

Every payment your referral makes will earn you a lifetime 25% commission.

How to Use Stripo?

Sign up for a free Stripo account to start creating email templates and investigating the platform’s capacities.

You can use the free subscription plan for as long as you desire or upgrade to a paid plan at any point to acquire extra features.

To create a free account, fill out the information on the page below.


Next, click sign up here-


The first screen in this all-in-one email design platform is now visible.

Click on Fill out my profile.


Then you’ll see a form, fill it out with your information, and press proceed to move further.


Pricing|Stripo Review 2022|


Check five plans-

1. Free

The plan is ideal for experimenting with this all-in-one email design platform.

The $0 Lifetime plan is free. It’s perfect for individuals who want to try this email editor for free and get a taste of the next-generation email builder.

Major Features:

  • Free access to email templates
  • AMP/dynamic email building tools
  • Full access to Modules library
  • Four exports per month
  • Email support
2. Basic

The basic plan, which costs $150 per year and $12.5 per month, is created for those who only need emails for personal dealings and can support you speed up your email production!

Major Features:

  • Access to Premium templates
  • Ability to use custom fonts
  • Brand guidelines archive generator
  • Stripo Email Translate service
  • Live chat support.
3. Medium

The Medium plan costs $37.5 per month and $450 per year. It’s ideal for freelancers and marketing teams who work on small orders for a few clients. They can make more money by producing high-quality emails more quickly.

Major Features:

  • 2 extra users included
  • 300 exports per month
  • 2 projects per account
  • User roles & levels of access
  • Custom domain
4. Pro

Professional agencies can access all of the advanced abilities of its editor without restrictions with the Pro plan, which costs $950 per year and $79 per month.

It enables you to add teammates to your account, each with its own set of permissions and roles.

Major Features:

  • 9 extra users included
  • Unlimited exports
  • Unlimited projects
  • 3 email client tests
  • Telephonic customer support.
5. Prime

Enterprises can take advantage of personalized pricing for unlimited opportunities and individual training for their teams with the Prime plan.

It’s great for large enterprises, and each account can have up to 100 people.

Major Features:

  • Unlimited users included
  • 50 email client tests
  • 1-year version history
  • Unlimited timer opens
  • Workshops for your team

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Pros & Cons|All-In-One Email Design Platform|

  • Quick creation of professional and responsive email layouts without any HTML knowledge.
  • Collaborative online tools for groups
  • Stripo clients can also automatically export emails thanks to interfaces with the most popular and widely used email service providers (Email Service Providers).
  • ESPs and email clients, such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mailigen, Braze, GetResponse, SendGrid, eSputnik, Outlook, Gmail, and others can export integrations.
  • Weekly updated library of free pre-designed email templates and a collection of email marketing blogs (90+ articles).
  • Easy demo of the email editor
  • Newsletters layout design automation (using custom data)
  • Interactive email tools ( carousel, hamburger menu, and others)
  • User configuration embeddable solution(plugin)
  • Safer Payment options
  • Create real-time content

Stripo is an incredibly valuable product that enables businesses all over the world to succeed. We couldn’t find anything adverse about it after this thorough review.

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We strongly recommend it for businesses because this drag-and-drop email builder has all of the components that an email marketing team requires.

Stripo has several useful tools, including library modules, free stock photos, an HTML and CSS editor, and more.

Users can also save their email templates to Outlook in HTML, archive, or OFT format. 

There’s no need to hire a coder when you use Stripo because it can create any form of newsletter swiftly and easily.

Stripo also includes several email client connectors, allowing you to export data to wherever you need it with just a single click. 

What more could a marketer want when they have such a vast assortment of gorgeous templates to choose from? 

Stripo(all-in-one email design platform) lets you create impressive free email templates!

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