Moosend Review 2022: Is it the Best Email Marketing Tool For Your Business

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Are you looking for a great email marketing service provider that consists of the standard elements while being cost-effective? Since you already know, email marketing is the cornerstone for all your commercial activities, you will need Moosend! But is it an ideal software for you? To help you out, we will cover everything you need to know about it in this Moosend review. 

Moosend is the best email marketing tool & marketing automation that helps you launch and manage email marketing campaigns. Moosend is a fully-fledged email automation tool that analyses and adapts your information. It helps its users to generate leads and convert them to customers.

In this Moosend review, we will cover everything that you need to know about this email marketing service. We will highlight its key features, drawbacks, and pricing details. 

What is Moosend?

Moosend, which was founded in 2011, is an email marketing tool that allows you to manage various email campaigns and mailing lists, as well as design and generate eye-catching, responsive newsletters using the built-in campaign editor.

All-in-all it is designed to boost your business growth. It includes automation tools, templates, and a landing page builder. The software is exceptionally flexible and user-friendly for newcomers to email marketing. Get actionable campaign reports and keep an eye on your stats in real-time.


Get Started With Moosend:

Campaign Creation

An email campaign is a series of marketing initiatives that reach a huge number of people at once. You may develop strong and trusted relationships with your consumers by using email marketing. And, thanks to its campaign editor, Moosend makes running campaigns a breeze. You may use the Campaign Editor to construct a variety of campaigns, including standard campaigns, A/B testing campaigns, and automated campaigns.

It’s A drag-and-drop editor that makes it simple to add photos, text, buttons, and more to your campaigns. Furthermore, Moosend comes with a vast number of newsletter templates. You can create a newsletter instantly without wasting time making them from scratch.

Lead Generation

Landing pages and subscription forms in the Moosend app make lead generation easy yet effective.Moosend gives its consumers access to a variety of excellent landing page layouts.

Subscription forms are a vital tool for many types of lead generating & Moosend allows you to create stunning responsive forms. The templates are ultra-modern and mobile-friendly. Through the many sorts of subscription forms, you can choose when they appear and where they appear on your page.

Email Automation

Automation chains are the essential aspect of any effective email marketing solution. As a business owner, the ability to develop perfectly timed email sequences that increase client attention implies growth. That is when Moosend enters the picture. Users can quickly set up workflows utilizing Moosend’s workflow templates. Onboarding templates with guidelines and welcome messages can be set up to provide your consumers with an early understanding of your company or brand.

Moosend makes it quick and easy to set up automation workflows. You may utilize a flow builder to pick which triggers and sequences to add once you have built up your campaign by selecting the templates you wish to use. For example, when someone fills a form, you may direct the service to wait a particular amount of time before sending a reminder to their email address.

Tracking and Analytics

The small changes are the core segments that make a difference in your marketing strategy, and Moosend lets you do it with ease, from monitoring to tracking their client. Moosend can track statistics for your landing page as well as your emails.

You can get a summary of key statistics like average clicks, traffic, and bounce rates. Users can use these statistics to create dynamic triggers and automation. The built-in API allows users even more control over the data they have collected.

It can help you gain a better knowledge of your target market and, as a result, make more informed decisions for your next campaign.

The reporting and analytics component of Moosend can also show you where your users are, what device they are using, and their general activity, ensuring that nothing goes wrong.

Key Features Of Moosend

Before taking a deep dive into the features in this Moosend review, here’s a list of the key features Moosend has to offer:

  • Personalization & Segmentation
  • Reporting
  • Templates
  • A/B Testing
  • Easy to use User Interface

Personalization & Segmentation

Moosend allows its users to segment their emails that lead to personalized content. You can sort data in the system and allow marketers to pinpoint even the most underused customer segments. 

There are limitless ways to segment your email list. Users have the liberty to choose whatever criteria they want. It includes cart abandoners, age, gender, demographics, and many more. 


Moosend also has a reporting tool that gives you detailed information about your email marketing campaign and business. By tracking clicks, opens, unsubscribes, forwards, bounces, and more, you can maximise engagement and develop excellent strategies with the reporting tool of the popular email marketing platform. It will also tell you the device consumers use to open your emails, whether it is a PC or a mobile phone.



Moosend does not have massive templates, with only around 60. They all, however, look well and are different. Moosend does not fall into the trap of presenting hundreds of alternatives that are all the same.

For brand consistency, you may use public repositories to draw graphics and gifs, upload your own, or acquire them directly from your social network accounts to personalize your emails. HTML and plain text are also options for your Moosend email. Furthermore, the preview function does not autoload templates, resulting in a jumbled merge. You may also rapidly switch between mobile and desktop displays.

A/B Testing

You can use Moosend’s A/B testing tool to improve your emails and subject lines. You can make many copies of your email and send each one to a different group of clients. Moosend makes sure to deliver you the details on which version works best for you so that you can forward the winsome email to the rest of your testing group. 

Easy To use User Interface

Many email marketing products struggle to do this and end up with a crowded mess. This popular email marketing platform has a UI that is straightforward, easy to use, and navigate. The primary dashboard gives you a quick overview of your lists and active campaigns.

Campaigns, lists, automation, and reports all have their own tabs, making it easier to keep everything organized. It also includes a color-coded Active subscribers/Unsubscribed number, which may make it hard to keep track of each list. Overall, the user experience is straightforward, with a streamlined navigation path.

Moosend Pricing Plans

Moosend offers three price plans—Free, Pro, and Enterprise. If you are willing to pay annually, you get a 20% discount and if you are into biannual payments- you get a 15% discount. 

Free Plan- You get access to unlimited Emails, Sign-up & Subscription Forms, reporting & analytics. Free plan suits best for small businesses.

Pro Plan— This plan costs $10/month or $8/month with an annual plan. This plan will let you add five teammates. It also gives you a subscriber allowance of 2,000 along with giving access to landing pages, transactional Emails, LiveChat support, & SMTP Server

Enterprise Plan- This plan has no set price. You need to contact sales for proceeding further. You will get access to custom reports, SSO, an account manager, and a service level agreement with this plan. Plus, it presents you ten teammate slots.

Pros and Cons: Moosend Review


  • Powerful real-time analytics.
  • Free plan available for beginners
  • Sending transactional emails.
  • Plenty of templates to choose from
  • Adding images and videos to newsletters.
  • Fast email delivery
  • Excellent range of support options
  • Modern and easy to use user interface
  • Simple to import data


  • It is compulsory for every user having more than 1000 subscribers to upgrade to the Pro plan.
  • Free plan users have limited customer support.


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Is Moosend Right For You: Moosend Review

Moosend is the best email marketing tool that assists small businesses in running successful marketing campaigns. Moosend’s automation processes are highly comprehensive when compared to comparably priced alternatives.

Moosend is without a doubt, the best email marketing solution available. It is capable of providing you with what you require. You should consider using Moosend for all of your email marketing efforts.

So, did you like our Moosend review? Let us know if you still have any doubts.

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