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With many digital marketing strategies evolved since years, email marketing remains the most straightforward and handy method to reach potential customers. In short, creating a strong email marketing strategy helps to reach your customers with a personal touch and maximize sales at an affordable rate. Just like other digital marketing platforms have advanced, email marketing tools also give your business the potential to reach maximum customers than ever. is the best email finder tool for finding and verifying emails for business and email campaigns.

We will now look at a convenient and interesting email hunter tool that helps in searching any domain for email addresses. is of great help who channelize their customer base through emails. This app is now available as a Chrome extension and as Google Sheet add-on. In this review, let’s understand its functionalities and why Hunter can be the apt choice for your business. 

What is is helpful for verifying emails and bulk tasks. It is a lead generation and email outreach plugin built to optimize the outreach process for your business. It comes with varied features like, 

  • Bulk email management
  • Email verification tool
  • Lead management
  • Free email templates
  • Optimize campaigns

The app is convenient and easy to use in terms of its usability. Businesses are now incorporating the tool for speeding up the contact hunting process.


How does work? scrapes through the internet to search for your target emails. Though the process is completely legal, you have to abide by certain rules and regulations. Getting started with is quite easy with these simple steps,

1.Open website and sign up with your Google account.

2.Complete login steps with your name and password.

3.To start the search process, enter your target website address in the Search field and click on ‘Find email addresses’ button.

4.Provide your phone number to receive the verification code.

5.Once done, you will get a list of available email addresses.

6.Verify the email addresses from the available list to discard the unwanted ones. Products has varied products under its roof and marketers are happy about using this best email finder tool. Let us look at each of its products to know why it should be given a try.

Domain Search


Domain Search comes up with a list of email addresses related to any business or product. When searched, the tool returns all the people working in a company with their name and email address found on the web. 

Domain Search is the most powerful email finding tool with millions of email addresses indexed, and effective search filters with scoring.

Email Finder


With hunter email finder tool, you can find email addresses of people you wish to get in touch with, in bulk or one by one to enhance your business database. It uses a large number of signals to discover proven or most credible email addresses of any person within seconds.

Author Finder


This operation can be executed to fetch email addresses of authors from a list of article URLs. It acts as a bridge between you and online authors. The Author Finder finds the author and uses its unique database to upgrade it with contact details.

Email Verifier


Email Verifier can be executed for any email address list. The Hunter email verifier can be validated at multiple levels like domain information, format, mail server response, and comparison with millions of professional email addresses. Add-on Tools

Chrome Extension


Hunter for Chrome is a plugin that allows search and verify email addresses on the go. Its working is very simple where it automatically scans the domain and displays email addresses related to that domain along with email address patterns and its sources on the website. 

Email addresses can be added to the list from here itself, but it is not possible to send emails from this screen. You have to go back to the main tool for campaign management. 

Google Sheets


This is another remarkable add-on that allows you to find email addresses by domain search and adds to the sheet automatically. You can also verify emails in the sheet. There is another limitation to it with around 500 actions at a time. If there is a necessity to perform bulk actions then it is better to do it in the app and import it to the drive.

Bulk Tasks


When the list of email addresses pile up, you can use the bulk feature to search, check, and verify several email addresses. It is also possible to optimize your entire email address list, browse through many domains, and discover many people based on data. 



Hunter’s email campaign management tool isn’t complicated and helps get numerous outreaches. Though minimally sophisticated, the tool is sufficient to start outreaching with its pre-defined templates.

It is pretty simple to set-up email sequences and complex option forms. The methods can be improved with time when there isn’t any response for a follow-up email. 

Developers API  

With so many diverse features available, Hunter also provides an API to let Hunter install on your crawlers, tools, and different tools. This integration is easy to install and helpful to power-up your apps. 

hunter-review Features has an appealing and easy to use interface. It is easy to navigate smoothly through the email management tool. In addition to this, there are some features that make the app more comprehensive and help expand your business.

1.Find each email  

This is similar to searching emails that look up email addresses of individuals and businesses. All you need to do is enter the website address with which the business or individual is associated. 

2.Easy search

With hunter’s domain search, you can search for any business and export the result to your spreadsheet. 

3.Broader scope

The tool lets you connect to your Gmail account to collect more leads to broaden your business. Additionally, email templates help in enhancing your email campaigns. The interesting part is that a large amount of data can be dealt with and verify domain lists or addresses in very less time. 

4.Factual email verification 

As is also an email verification tool, it allows you to verify a particular email address to avoid email bouncing. This also ensures that the email address is a real one too. Pros

  • Offers enough free searches and verification before deciding on a paid plan.
  • Provides reliable results.
  • Easy to use because of the Chrome extension.
  • Comprises its own versatile CRM.
  • Comprehensive search of email addresses with the help of contact information and domain search. Cons

  • is not a social media research tool.Hence, cannot be integrated with any social media platforms.
  • Does not allow personal email searches.
  • The pricing is at a higher side and a costly option if you are looking out for a low-cost tool. 

hunter-review Pricing

The pricing is elaborated for monthly subscriptions as below. 


Free Plan – provides 25 searches and 50 verifications per month with no premium features made available.

Next available all paid plans include,

1.Domain search complete results and exports 

2.Campaigns premium features 

3.Priority support

Starter Plan  – provides 500 searches and 1000 verifications per month.

Growth Plan  – provides 2,500 searches and 5000 verifications per month.

Pro Plan – provides 10,000 searches and 20,000 verifications per month.

Enterprise Plan – provides 30,000 searches and 60,000 verifications per month.

However, you can get started with a free sign up and get 25 free requests per month and upgrade when ready.

Support and Getting Started

Overall, provides several resources to get started. There are also email templates readily available and if you come across any issue, then you can always take help of the developers through direct chat on the main screen. 

For beginners, there are easy to understand and self-explanatory tutorials and knowledge base available on how to use them. Nonetheless, is one of the easiest tools to utilize, as easy as Google and you won’t find much issue while getting started. 

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The Bottom Line is a wonderful tool that assists you to maximize your outreach. Their various products like domain search, hunter email finder, hunter author finder and Email finder help in crawling for addresses and the add-ons are a great addition for cold emailing and link building.

If you are still thinking of using this or not, then just stop and take a free trial and decide. has proved to be of great help for many freelancers, companies, etc because of its quick and simple search options. You are bound to get satisfied with experience. 


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