MailerLite Review | Effective & Simple Newsletter Software | 30-Day Free Trial for Premium Features

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mailerlite-review-effective & simple newsletter software

MailerLite is a versatile email marketing service provider that focuses on incredible email designs, is simple to use, and has excellent customer support. Its unique user-friendly software features let you create amazing email campaigns, track the results, manage new subscribers and unsubscribers, design landing pages and custom pop-ups, and many more. Though MailerLite is inbuilt with numerous features and integrations, yet it is easy and simple to use.  

Why use MailerLite?

The Lighter version of any approach showcases its customer-friendliness without any complexity thus providing advanced features. MailerLite is designed to offer intuitive solutions for complex tasks. MailerLite is must try because,

  • The advanced functionality and clean design ensure tools are easy to use.
  • The whole business approach concentrates on meeting the customer requirements. The 24/7 live support and new features are what people need to grow their business.
  • The customer base is grown so it is easy to connect and help each other. People can join various groups, become an expert and support others or even find people to help them out when required.
  • Creating a simplified, talented, and remote work environment. 


MailerLite Features

MailerLite offers trending email marketing features well crafted to grow subscribers and build strong relationships. Let’s explore the major elements that make MailerLite an elite software.

Create Amazing Campaigns

The amazing drag-and-drop editor lets you create beautiful and professional newsletters by yourself, without any prior HTML knowledge.

  • The drag-and-drop newsletter editor can design newsletters like a pro by simply dragging email blocks and dropping them where required. The pre-built blocks support various videos, designs, dynamic and social media content. 
  • The rich text editor creates plain text emails that are capable of HTML format. The editor allows you to add images, links, bullet points, and style text to get your messages across exactly right. 
  • The customized user-friendly HTML editor provides special features like auto-save, preview mode, and automatic email CSS Inliner. 
  • MailerLite’s design team crafts a huge gallery of templates for customers to discover the best and latest templates to deliver the best-looking content that suits your requirements.
  • Its suite of e-commerce tools helps in connecting with the most valuable customers to boost sales and long-lasting relationships. 
Grow Audience

Subscribers are the important elements of any business. The major attraction of MailerLite is its landing pages, website builder, embedded forms, and pop-ups to attract people over the internet.

  • A professional website can be built using the free drag and drop website builder. You can either start a blog, own a layout, protect passwords, etc.
  • A free drag and drop landing page builder with its pre-built template helps in generating more leads.
  • The dynamic pop-up option converts your website visitors into newsletter subscribers. There are tons of choices for pop-ups that can be customized to create beautiful email newsletter signup forms.
  • You can create embedded signup forms matching your brand design thereby generating new leads.
  • Subscribers can be added, filtered, and organized with the intuitive email list and subscriber management interface.
Deliver Right Message 

The advanced targeting features help in personalizing your campaigns and delivering the right email to the correct subscriber at the right time in a few minutes.

  • A customer journey is assisted with the help of automated emails that sets up your workflow to reach the right customers at exactly the right time. 
  • You can target a specific audience by adding custom labels based on their interests and behaviors.
  • Add a personal touch to emails by inserting personal touches to different parts of your email.
  • Segment your audiences into smaller sets based on various characteristics like age, location, etc.
  • Deliver important and timely messages to your visitors by customizing the pop-up templates and setting the timings.  
Optimize Campaigns

MailerLite helps you in improving your metrics so that your campaigns perform better with more testing, experimenting, and streamlining your emails for more effectiveness.

  • Optimize your emails with A/B split testing before sending them to your subscribers. You can try 2 variations and check which email performs better.
  • Deliver emails to subscribers at the same time in each time zone across the world.
  • The auto resend feature resends your newsletter that gives another opportunity to connect.
  • The RSS email feature inserts new content to your email automatically and sends it to subscribers on your controlled schedule.


Track Results

You can monitor and analyze your campaign performance to know the best things that work for you.

  • Email newsletter reports track email campaign activity and subscriber engagement. The reports measure critical metrics and include various aspects like bounces, spam complaints, link activity, and unsubscribe count.
  • MailerLite helps to get valuable customer feedback with email survey tools that can send questions and set the rules. 
  • Click mapping helps in understanding your audience’s interaction with your newsletters.
  • Opens by location in your sent email campaigns report helps you to understand your subscriber location and which countries have the highest subscriber engagement.

Pricing Plans

MailerLite believes in straightforwardness, fair and affordability for all businesses.


There are various premium plans with varying price points depending on the size of the subscribers’ list. Below are some of the packages,

1-1000 subscribers cost $10/month.

1001-2500 subscribers cost $15/month.

2501-5000 subscribers cost $30/month.

5001-10,000 subscribers cost $50/month.

50,001-60,000 subscribers cost $260/month.

100,001-110,000 subscribers cost $390/month.

200,001-220,000 subscribers cost $735/month.

300,001-320,000 subscribers cost $1050/month.

400,001-420,000 subscribers cost $1350/month.

500,001-520,000 subscribers cost $1710/month.

580,001-600,000 subscribers cost $1915/month.


  • MailerLite comprises three email editors. 

           1)Rich text editor for basic text

           2)Drag and Drop editor for visual customization

           3)Customized HTML editor for code alterations

  • Custom fields can be added to subscriber’s profiles to personalize their emails. 
  • Allows you to grow your mailing list using landing pages, forms, and pop-ups.
  • Offers permanent free plans capable of automating your email marketing, building campaigns, and tracking the following results.
  • MailerLite includes a powerful grouping system combining tag parameters and segmentation rules. 
  • Provides an intuitive automation editor that helps to build simple personalization workflows.
  • Simple and easy-to-use platform having minimalistic design and well-structured sections for straightforward navigation. 


  • MailerLite automation builder is optimized only for simple workflows. There is no flexibility for workflows with complex conditional logic. 
  • Limited options on pre-designed templates.
  • The initial approval process is strict and takes some time to set up.
  • Customer support cannot be accessed through the phone.
  • Buying a dedicated account manager is costly.

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The Bottom Line 

MailerLite’s service is considerably simple, intuitive to use tools, and cheap in pricing. This makes it a reasonable email marketing solution for creatives, bloggers, freelancers, small business owners, and marketing beginners. 

The entire system is easy and simple to use with effortless navigation that is bound to have a good time tracking campaigns, automating workflows, controlling templates, and targeting website visitors with landing pages, sign-up, and pop-up forms. 

So, that lays the requisite information to help you make an informed decision to go ahead with the email marketing software, MailerLite!



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